Please provide description for how your small black-owned business has been impacted by Covid-19 and today's climate below.

Do you consent to having your business publicized on our website, social media, etc.?
Would you like your business testimonial information to stay internal or public?
Has your business been impacted significantly by COVID-19?
Has your business been impacted by looting destruction?
Do you happen to have insurance for your business?
Do you have employees?
Have your employees been laid off or furloughed?
Do employees also need compensation?
Do you already have an established Pitch Deck or original business plan/proposal?
Would you be willing to provide us with this documentation?
Is your business registered? If so, what is your business type?
Would you be able to provide us with a Tax ID or Social Security?
Would you be willing to provide your company's P and Ls (Profit and Loss) for verification of your company's earnings to qualifying you for your funding amount? *
Have you received any additional funding/donations?
Do you have a business account accessible with PayPal?
Would you like to speak to a business consultant regarding your merchant services or to learn to manage your business more efficiently (free of charge)? *

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