Block Builders

Meet The Team

Started in 2020, Rebuild The Blocks is rebuilding our communities and giving business a chance one block at a time.

Alexis Akarolo-  Founder,  Chief Executive Officer RTB Corp.

Alexis Akarolo-


Zuri Abramson-President RTB Corp.

Zuri Abramson-

Chief Human Resource Officer

Zelnnetta Clark-


Jasmine Akarolo-

Chief Creative Officer

Jess Sumpter-



Shatoya Page-

Communications Director

David Hobbins-

Risk Management Officer

Tommi Phillips-

Graphic Designer

Paul Farrell-  Graphic Designer RTB Corp.

Paul Farrell-

Graphic & Web Designer

Golden Reeves -

Credit Analysis

Chennell Riley-

Credit Analysis

Travon Duncan-

Cyber Security

Kaliq Alexander-

Communications Intern

Brittani Gordan-

Project Manager

Jodi Francis-

 Research Assistant

Tiffani Lui-

Communications Intern

Syheim Banks-

Marketing Intern